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よみ:ほわっと いっと えいんと (げっとー いなふ)

What It Ain't (Ghetto Enuff) 歌詞

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Now TLC will challenge Goodie Mob to a game of
ghetto laser tag
When they say "what it is", you scream "what it ain't"
Yeah 1999, TLC, Goodie Mo-b (yeah and Goodie Mob)
The synergy of ghetto sounds for the Y2G
What you wanna do wit it?
What it is, what it ain't (what)
Either you bring it (we gone bring it) or you can't
Sometimes it gets kinda messy out there (sometimes)
But we get by, one day at a time
Well what you wanna do it?

Verse 1:
A stick of weed at Waffle House, after 112,
when I go out
Where do you hang? Or do you slang
Or wear your chain wit platinum rings
I still maintain my ghetto side, I keep my pride
Get out my ride, 20 inch rims,
I sport a brim and wit my girls
Go to the mall, blowin the world and keep ya change
The finest thangs will still remain

So (you) don't even look for me across the room
You don't know enough about this world to ever get it
on wit me boy
And go where I do

Don't even look from across the floor,
You don't have game enough and insurance
Up upon a girl like me,
and that's not a possibility cause

You's a built classic girl, I'ma big boss man
I like old model cars and big sedans
You like two dogs, funn in clothes and robes
I sit on the porch, sip somethin and cold
I like the night, when you up in "not" hoes
I do sweets while you prefer the lows
Tonight I'ma choose cause you already chose
This strong folks business and I run the show

Cause you ain't ghetto enough for me,
you ain't hot enough for me
You ain't fly enough for me,
cause you too tight wit yo money
Cause you ain't ghetto enough for me
and you ain't hot enough for me
And you ain't fly enough for me
and you too tight wit yo money

Verse 3:
Suga baby I say guess on, I got fries
I come from Melvin and just give you 20/20 wit these
blood shot eyes
Got 3D to go, went from 2 o's to 32 lows
Which is enough to buy a Rolls, hey but nobody knows
Stay in my place, keep my diamonds outta yo face
You wanna be wit this player, gotta play at my pace
I'm slum but I can still come over there where you from
If you want some bullshit you better buy you some


Verse 4:
Shorty where ya booty shorts?
Shorty where ya gold teeth?
Shorty where ya long nails?
Shorty where ya fake hair?
Shorty got the attitude,
all up on the news to represent the 9O's girl
Took her to ol'E's to, I got the back you got the front

This how we do it up in the woods wit the buck
on them doves
Ain't no scrubs over here, I'ma ghetto millionaire
Can you see me in the clear and when T-Mo servin
them like I'm sposta baby


What it is, what it ain't (x16)

What, yo
Don't be suffocatin my pockets while I'm resusitatin
these topics
Like where yo cheese? Where yo loot?
Ya lookin real dumb when you get the boot
What it is, my road to me come from some of the
hardest, the street
We custom Navigate to the club wit some of the
hardest of beats
What it ain't, too easy, wit all the shit I been thru
Cause I'ma keep doin all them things that I gots to do
(I'ma ghetto) damn it, I'll put ya ass to work
(I'm ghetto) comb ya nappy head till it hurts

Verse 6:
A where them sanks stop, freezin the row
Take a wiff of the beats, them cues might hurt yo throat
You know you ghetto when you don't show up court
For not payin your child support
Or you too bouguie for me,
You act like you too good to eat at churches,
Popeyes they hardest
I shop at Walltans, black Creek in the mall wit Stick
and B
I hang out in Bank head, you prefer buck head
Yo favorite color is hot pink, I love that gangsta red

Hook#2 and Hook#3(repeat)

Gimmie a strawberry, yeah, a large one

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曲名:What It Ain't (Ghetto Enuff) 歌手:TLC