DANCE 2NIGHT 歌詞 Madonna ふりがな付

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  2. Madonna
よみ:だんす とぅないと


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
(MADONNA I'm taking you to the club)

Move your body catch me from across the floor
Everybody's watching, but I just want to give you more
Don't care about nothing

I've fallen for your love in the worst way

So move closer
I can feel your body rise
The heat from you, I just like to fantasize
We're all alone now and
I don't care what people have to say

* You don't have to be beautiful
To be understood
You don't have to be rich and famous
To be good

* * You just gotta get more, more, more
Then you ever had before
And you gotta move fast, fast, fast
Even life is a good thing to last
Let's dance tonight, dance tonight
And prove ourselves to the world
And we will hence tonight, hence tonight
I'm just pretty much a girl
I want to dance tonight, dance tonight
Don't need no diamonds and pearls
So take a chance tonight, chance tonight
Let's prove ourselves to the world

Do it, do it
Let me turn you own
Let the music pull you through it till the break of dawn
Do it, do it
While the night is young
Let the music pull you through it till the lights go on

Now we're in our zone
Do you want to take it further
Cause before too long
I'm gonna start to wonder
Are you a one trick pony
Or do you want to keep riding this race

I'm so into you

I've heard it all before
So what should I do
I told you catch me on the floor
Don't spoil this moment
Cause talk is to find
I don't have time to waste

(* Repeat)
(* * Repeat)

Catch me on the floor (X2)

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曲名:DANCE 2NIGHT 歌手:Madonna