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Believe Me Natalie 歌詞

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Believe me Natalie, listen Natalie, this is your last chance
To find a gogo, dance to disco, now
Please believe me Natalie, listen Natalie
This is your last chance to find a gogo dance to disco now
Forget what they said in soho, leave the oh no's out and believe
me Natalie listen this is your last chance

There is an old cliche' under your Monet baby, remember the
arch of roses right above your couch, forget what you said in
soho and leave the oh no's out Yes there is an old cliche
under your Monet baby

You left the station, nailed to the floor, with speculation what
was it for, in that old hallway, mom why don't you stay,
you've been away for a long time

Believe me Natalie, this is,
Your last chance to find a gogo, forget what they said in soho

Walk away, if my dream for us could get you through just one
more day, it's alright by me, God help me somehow, there's
no time for survival left, the time is now. 'Cos this might be
your last chance to disco...

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曲名:Believe Me Natalie 歌手:The Killers