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よみ:れっど ほっと むーん

ReD Hot MooN 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
UNDer tHe reD Hot Moon you tAke tHe Bus DowNtowN to tHe GrAveyArD sHiFt toNigHt KC From
CAMpBell CAliForNiA SHe Got A BAD ReputAtioN tHAt sHe DiDn't Ask For AND sHe's wAitiNg For AN
escApe Now tHAt escApe is cAlleD tHe 164 Now K.C sHe Dont to Art to ADmit whene sHe is
From AND K.C wANts to RuN RuN RuN SHe's A puNk rocker sHe Dont trust No oNe ON A SoutH BAy
Bus All AloNe K.C wAs Never cAught up like tHe Rest oF tHe rAts in A FuckiNg mAze cHeck
me out sHe sAiD Im in A coNcrete JuNgle Im aN InDiviDuAL. AND you Are stuck iN A HAze O-
Hell No sHe kNows what tHe trutH is CAuse sHe sAys so AND sHe kNows wHo Her FrieNDs Are so
Fuck you DoNt get No closer it will oNly mAke Her our FAr AwAy I knew K.C's BrotHer
pretty well Lets sAy we speNt A lot oF time HANgiN out I AlwAys tHough He SAD THAt sHe's
Be tHe oNe to get out of Here AND mAke A LiFe For HerselF But wHeN we FouND
Her iN tHe Little LeAgue pArk IN tHe Dugouts it wAs coLD DAmp AND DArk AND No
oNe kNew wHy sHE woulDNt wAke up I tHiNk sHe FiNAlly mADe it BAck Home.
SkiNHeAD RoB's PArt:ONe time For your miND Two times For your soul THree Four tHe
gRaveyArDs AND tHe moNey I FolD DippeD out iN tHe city wHere tHe suN BurNs slow No Hope
its A pity I cANt sAy No Its Not my have to go its not my time to Die tHe lAst tHiNg I wANt
is For my motHer to cry It wAs love At First ligHt THAt very First NigHt THiNgs HAve Never
BeeN tHe sAme siNce I took my First FligHt THe wAy I live my liFe I love I live lAvisH You Lost
me From tHe stArt you lose you'll Never HAve tHis uNtoucHeD uNleAsHeD BAck up you DoNt wANt
it stick Him For His cAsH His BAD its How He Flaunt it TAke two AND pAss I'll tAke two
AND BlAst Bust A motHer Fucker Im out oN tHe smAck DippeD out Im HigH As Fuck Im outtA
coNtrol lets BouNce, rock, skAte mAN Im ReADy to Roll.

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曲名:ReD Hot MooN 歌手:Rancid