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Memphis 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Ive liveD my wHole life mADe mistAkes From tHe get Go From tHe stArt Right No
Regrets No I Do wHAT I wAnt yeA cAuse I sAiD so No sleep For THe wickeD RigHt No Bet No RolliN
witH THe puNk Rockers I AiNt lyiN FAke GuNs FAke BanDs FAke puNk I AiNt BuyiN Hit tHe
RoAD All I kNow Rock AND Roll AiNt DyiN ABout 15 Deep We Hit tHe streets low RiDin By tHe
Time we mADE it to New OrleANs it must HAve Been HALF pAst tHree By tHe time we mADe it to
MempHis we were crAzy ToNigHt your our Blanket AND your GoNNA keep us wArm ToNight
protect us From tHe storm Huge Black clouDs AND trouBleD times tHey Are comin rouND O'
LoRD let me go tHrough ANotHer RouND HAD AT A glance circumstAnce stoNe coLD trouBlegouND
SHe's tHe oNe ALL ALoNe IN tHe Back lomy wakin smokin mirrors As I wAtcH o tHAt girl's TrippiN
FuN lost AgAiN To HAve your Heart BrokeN Greeing's From A worlD tHATs Built oN Hustlin
EmBrAce tHe FAllin when tHey HAve FAileD Every roAD cAN leAD yA straigHt Down
to Fuckin Hell EmBrAce tHe FAllin wHeN they Have FAileD Now every roAD cAN tAke
yA strAigHt DowN to Hell DoNt wANt NotHiNg Here Everyone strAiGHT TRippiN
HAppier times are Gone pAst stArt slippiN THis will Be eNough To keep me oN tHe roAD LiviN
GooD every NigHt A Different city I'll Be sleepin let me kNow Here we go met A girl NAmeD
LolA Is sHe Here Is sHe tHere Drinking JAck AND coLA SHe same Tim wHere you BeeN Ive got
sometHin to sHow yA LolA FireD oFF Her clotHes we MADe it to New orleANs it must HAve
BeeN HAlF pAst tHree By tHe time we mADe it to Memphis we were crAzy ToNight
your our BlaNket AND your GoNNA keep us wArm toNight protect us From
tHe storm

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