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よみ:あいぼりー こーすと

IvoRy CoAst 歌詞

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FOR tuenly FouR Hours ON the Ivory CoAst They release SoLdiers From their Post
AND They gave chAmpAgNe For A toast TO PAy DIVIDENDS TO the countrys HOST They
SAY ToNight you CAN leAve your homE But tomorrow ITS gonnA Be the way OF the gun
AND the curfew wont Allow you to roam roam roam And the Bullets will let you know
WHeN the BAD DOg comes Round your Door Who is the killer StoNe cold killer Food For
the trigger I'll shoot you down right ON sight IF your out IN the wrong time
OF NIght IN a civil war there's NO civil rights IN the DAY OF the DEAD Run For
your life They SAY Tonight you CAN Leave your Home Bur tomorrow IN Will Be
THe WAy OF the gun AND THe curfew wont Auow you to roam roam roam AND the
Bullets will let you know when the BAD DOg comes round your door Who IS the
killer Who is the killer Stone cold killee Food For the trigger And the trenches'
Are Dug AND the BoNesintey Doshven AND The tAstes OF WAR IS so coLD AND
BHtter AND the Human RAce IS the Face OF the killer the cost OF liFe IS rarely
coNsidereD TAey SAY Tonight you can leave your home But Tomorrow IT'll
Be the way OF the guN AND the curfew wont let you roam roam roam
But the Bullets will let you know when the Big Dog comes Round your Door
Who IS Hle killer?

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曲名:IvoRy CoAst 歌手:Rancid