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Boys Like You 歌詞

Boys Like You 歌詞


2012.4.20 リリース
Melody Verdugo , Dan Whittemore
Melody Verdugo , Dan Whittemore
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Call it crazy Paranoia
But I'm on to something here
Blew your cover Just discovered
You're the loser of the year

You're a charmer But I'm smarter
Cause I've got you figured out
You've been cheating Caught you sneaking
With a girl who lives downtown

Boys like you Just wanna play around
Take girls for a spin On a merry-go-round
Boys like you Can only break a heart Let me go
You never had mine from the start

Whoa whoa Boys like you
Whoa whoa Boys like you
Whoa whoa Boys like you

Don't call me When you're lonely
Don't call me When you're sad
Had your moment But you blew it
Yeah you lost every chance you had

I'm exhausted You're so boring
So get up,go,get gone It's a big world
You're a small boy Find some else to fool around

need a man To show me I'm the only one
Who'll give me honesty and Every single ounce of love
I've had it up to here With this person you've become
So just go
So just go
Leave me alone

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曲名:Boys Like You 歌手:平子理沙