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よみ:Sayonara Hotel

Sayonara Hotel 歌詞

Ken Yokoyama

2016.9.7 リリース
Ken Yokoyama
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Sayonara my hotel room
A bitter sweet memory
I fell right to sleep that night
when you didn't
The field we once rode our bikes
now Is a shopping mall
Nothing there left anymore
As this all was just meant to be
Every detail printed in our hearts
All set to change
Nothing to cry about it's just destiny

I always believed you wanted me
to give you a perfect answer when
All you needed was someone who'd listen to you
Outside we've grown so much
but inside we were far from mature
She and I were so young and pure
As I say sayonara to my hotel room

Will you come back when the winter ends?
In the spring will see you again?
I know that by then
that your hair will be long and should hide your breasts

Don't be so sad if llm not here
I know that you'll be all grown up and
a beautiful girl like you shouldn't even care
And if the city life should change you at all it's OK
I'll remember that day when you stood
in the rain in your school uniform
Nothing in this crazy world will ever make me just forget
all the memories of me and you
So now say sayonara to my hotel room

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