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よみ:Kiss on November

Kiss on November 歌詞


2018.3.28 リリース
Celeina Ann
Celeina Ann , 山口隆志
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Wind is blowing by and it reminds me
Smell of the fall in the air
Let it breath
Memories of you and me

Look up high above I see the blue sky
You got me think of your smile
For a while

Little thing that takes me right back to the days we have met
At the time we never doubt a single thing oh

Won't you remember
The kiss on November
The memory I'll keep
Forever n ever
Two little young hearts
Looking for our lost parts
Loneliness, but trying our best
Just wanted to tell you that I finally found
The reason why you let me go that day

Are you doing good ?
So what it's been 2 years
That was the end of my tears
oh true

One day I will meet a boy that
makes me feel the way you did
But for miles and years you'll always be a piece of me

I will remember
The kiss on November
No matter how far
Forever n ever
Sweetness of first love
We gave it our best luck
I wish I see what you wanna be
I look into the blue sky asking what if
You never let me go alone that day
Let me go alone that day

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