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Treasure in Your Hands 歌詞 TVアニメ「覇穹 封神演義」第2期オープニングテーマ

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Why is it so hard to find one that you can trust?
Though we get involved with many people as we live
It's not easy to find one who you can really trust

"I guess you really seem to trust him"
"More like I trust him from the bottom of my heart"
(A) person you can give and receive such words,
can give and walk towards what you have committed (to)
Now you gotta find

Stay by my side cuz (the) place I can relieve my back is only you
And if you encounter someone who you can say that you really trust from the bottom of
your heart
Tear them down Tear them down Tear them down the high walls that you see and face
It is right here

If you can't put your powers together If you can't go hand in hand with each other
Mirror whip stamp rope bell
You will die

That guy who has people around him who is linked with big trust oh big trust so
Working together to proceed forward
One day he told me

This strong will cannot be torn down at all
The strong will attracts people's hearts

The strong heart gives heat to the people around people around
That heat gives trust to what people have in their hearts
The belief that makes people think they want to proceed together is there
Where ever the heat comes x3
from It's your turn to do it

Tonight let us proceed together with our beliefs, in our heart

I can not fight alone; not strong enough
Change yourself to trust your friends
For all we say
If you can change something inside of you
You should be able to walk together
(The) treasure is already in your hands

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曲名:Treasure in Your Hands 歌手:Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas