「MONSTER」の歌詞 04 Limited Sazabys

2013/5/15 リリース
one day I woke up to find myself cryingand
tears turned into a flood and push the city and people away

oh, pourof tears oh, tears pushed everything away

I am one of the very big monster as you see
Cause I'm so big, if I cry, big tears fall off

many people lose their lives I cry then I cry because many
People lose their lives
I'm just a big big monster As you see
I am such a crybaby monster

Just tell me what to do
can't swim in sea of tears
I can't swim here

Just tell me what to do
Not a word or a memories
I can only pray
your mercy right now

there was a big monster
who forgotten how to cry
so what he could do was to
smile sadly, poor monster