1. Heartbreaker歌詞

「Heartbreaker」の歌詞 HAWAIIAN6

2009/11/11 リリース
It's so perfect
The sky is blue
And the airs are clear
People are holding each other
Hand in hand with a smile
Singing in the circles
Just like what I saw in dreams
I can't believe
I can't believe
What I can see
Is too beautiful
I can't stop my tears

Time goes by so fast
More than that we all believe
The chance that we all call under the name of "Today"
Connecting each tiny dots
Making into a line
One step at a time
Slowly as it goes
It turns into eternity

All the small happiness gathers around me
Inside my hand it shines
So small and slowly
I'll give this all to you
I think I can't hold on
It's not necessary
I don't need it any more
It's going to be destroyed anyway

I can't stop my tears falling down
I deserved it all from my heart
To see this sight
But now I feel like I just want to throw up
Shake off all the helping hand
I've crushed the lights in my hand
This is so perfect
My heart is numb
I was so afraid my tears kept falling
My tears kept falling down