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  2. LL Cool J
よみ:でぃあ ひっぷ ほっぷ


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Dear hip hop I apologize for how you've been treated
I should have fought for my culture instead iretreated
The game is wounded I
Stood and watched while they beat it
My culture starved I refused to feed it
They sold you for you a dollar like slaves in iron collar's

A&Rs chased you with blood hound's and rotweiler's
You went to the highest bidder
You was pissed on like kitty litter a I'm far from a quitter
Bui that some thing to consider
Naaa after much deliberation
I decided I'm the hottest cat to ever recieve rotation
I'm the foundation one of the chief achitect's of this dream
We're all chasin I had to speak up
Too much time is wastin woe so here we go
I'm tired of me money talk me bitches and hoes
Every body alway's soundin the same
I have to walk on water I can't drownin the game.

I remember your barmitzvah that burgundy label
Me and jammaster had the battle of the big cable's
Before the sorotto real vinyl's real table skills was the motto no hype
no fables You seemed so happy you loved me so much
You'd poped off and went platinum at my slightest touch
Oversized hoodies Yukon truck
20 yrs later it's like lightning struck
Ttheir worshiping the money their prayin to the bank
They danced on the slaveship slept
The devil made em do it but only GOD do I thank
Because we aren't done yet there still gas in the tank
You look in a man's eyes that's how you really tell his rank
Not the size of his account's check him he might bounce
It's all on the line this time it really count's
I'll bleed for this on down to the last ounce

They rent a crib their frontin
They rent a car their stuntin
They rent a chain the their bluffin
The why the culture's sufferin
And even if your a millionaire that dont mean nothing
Unless build your community and encourage some unity
Too much ego too much posin
If he's so hot then
Why's the culture frozen
It's time for a change the order need's to be rearranged
And this song was preordained
After two long decades LL remain's
And you can blame it on my spirit not my brains
Time to put on my armour and go to war for the game
Because it's on it's last leg and that's more than a shame
This a lifestlye homie it's more than champagne
But win make a toast to flash reaching the hall of fame
I'll end it with a line from the book of King James
Let their light when I write graffiti on the train

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曲名:DEAR HIP HOP 歌手:LL Cool J