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You said I was finished and father time was to blame
You direspected my legacy and threw dirt on my name
Told DJ's he's over he isn't spittin the same
What he say's is irrelevant hip hop culture has changed
When I walk in the room young boy's look at me strange
As if I am a relic from some long forgotten game
It makes my blood boil turn's my eyes to flame's
I built an empire they tried to kick me out in the rain
So I called a inner power it's hard to explain
It's like holy spirit utilizing hip hop slang
I'm beyond the gold grills and logo's on chain's
You see I changed rap forever I ellevated the game
I launched the greatest label in the history of rap
And for 24 years I carried it on my back.
I've always shined brighter when I 'm under attack
I might be down for a moment but I always come back

It's time for war hu hu hu hu

This is a Resurrection I'm back from the dead
They told me quit a long time ago but I conquered instead
I had dream's and vision's swirling around in my head
I have this hunger deep inside of me that has to be fed
Hip hop will respect all of the blood that I shed
I have a covenant with GOD I have swallowed the bread
Hip hop my codefendant with this mic I thee wed
I made an entire generation obey what we said
I'm talking France to Germany from Italy to Japan
From London to Belgium to Afghanistan
From farmers blvd smoking a blunt with my man
To writing rhymes on an ironing board to build def jam
You see I'm the undisputed king of all hip hop
Everything after is my legacy like it or not
And I will keep making history I just can't stop LL Cool J eternally hot!!

It's time for war hu hu hu hu

Look at how easily I flip it and switch the style around
Competion losing their footing I see them falling down
They would plot against me it kills them because I'm balling now
Some of yall didn't pick up the phone bet I gotta callin now
This is a job that must get done
Even if I become public enemy #1
If I have to pick up an uzi that weigh's over a ton
I will attack hip hop untill competion is none
Nobody on GOD'S earth want's it with L
You'll end up tortured and trapped in phycological hell
This is the beginning of a new era in rap
LL Cool J feel the impact
It's ok if you call it a comeback

And let them know I'm ready for combat
Tell those dumb mother fucker's to fall back
The crown look's wrong on your head I want that.

It's time for war hu hu hu hu

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