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Girl Gone Wild 歌詞

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Dut, dut, dum, dum, dum, doom
(Get upstairs tiff)
Dut, dut, dum, dum, dum, doom
(And change your clothes quick)
Dut, dut, dum, dum, dum, doom
(Zip your coat up)
Dut, dut, dum, dum, dum, doom
(You chillin' wit the clutch)

You're the private school girl
Wit your skirt rolled up
Showing off what you ain't even got yet (got yet)
You need to button up your blouse
Put back on your vest
Cause your out here lookin' a mess
You must be tryna catch a cold (catch a cold)
Where your mom and pops at?

How they feel about that?
Girt you need to stop that you know
(You know)
Tryna fit in the outfit
Tell you what you gone get
What you don't want

*You showin' skin
You showin legs
You gone get hurt what I said
You bumped your head
Cause you mama 34 and she still be up in the club
Your daddy he ain't got no key since they broke up and he a thug
She goin' online
She losin her mind
She showin' her behind and child it's...?

Just another girl gone wild
(Just another girl gone wild)...

Just another girl gone wild
(Just another girl gone wild)
Your the chat room girl
Wit your webpage up
Impersonatin' grown folks stop that (stop that)
You better cut that tease
You way outta your league
Before you do something you can't take
Sneaking out that door, don't nobody know
Ain't nothing out in them streets
Nobody wants you girl please
Fall back girl slow your roll
(Your roll) before you out of control
Can't nothing' save you no no


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曲名:Girl Gone Wild 歌手:Tiffany Evans