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よみ:すろー だうん べいびー

Slow Down Baby 歌詞

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Stop, Slow down baby
I can tell that you're into me
Baby, it's so plain to see
I can see it in your eyes
You're paralyzed
Every time I pass you by
And You're the kind that gets your way
Every minute, every single day
I can see it all in your face
You're blown away
Cause I don't want you in my space
You're struttin' 'round here
Like you think that I can't do without you
You've got some nerve to think
That I would give up everything

(Chorus) Slow down baby
And don't act crazy
Cause you know you can look all you want
But you just can't touch
So slow down baby
I'm not your lady
Boy you're never gonna get it from me
Cause I'm with someone

After all of the games you play
How's it feel to finally get a taste
You can dish it out but can you take
The bed you've made
Go lie in it for a change
I'm not fallin' for your stupid lines
I know you've used 'em 'bout thousand times
You say 'em like they were a nursery rhyme
But I won't buy it
Baby don't you even try
You're comin' 'round here
Like you think that everything's about you
If you knew anything
You'd realize I wear a ring

(Repeat Chorus)

Do you really wanna waste your time
Don't you have better things to do in life
Listen, I don't wanna get you down
But I ain't never gonna mess around
So how many ways do I have to say

(Repeat Chorus)

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曲名:Slow Down Baby 歌手:Christina Aguilera