START THE SHOW 歌詞 Common ふりがな付

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  2. Common
よみ:すたーと ざ しょう


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Now let's start the show
Step out of the cold
We come from the Go
To the top of the globe
The pimps and the hoes
The Folks and the Stones
Whoever you ride for
We back for some more
Get back to the show
You know

[Verse One]
Ladies and gentlemen
C-O-Double M-O-N
Synonym for Fresh
Truth is the emblem
Hardcore since I was next door to Klem and them
Cold as the winter when fake niggas shivering
Shaking in their timbalands
You was playin as bennigins
Hot for a minute
Now you just a remember him
I been a master since P was No Limiting
Sick of saying no gimmicking no mimicking
Q Infinite down old blocks
Bendin' em yelling fuck the police like Ren and them
Tryin to brief these niggas on who I be
Before the paper and the fame
Niggas knew Rasheed noble like true Ali
Many have come but few have been chosen to be a true MC
You sing along with it inside you knowing it's whaked
Yo who's your opening act


[Verse Two]
Let's go it's a festival in Hip Hop
We do it non stop

Pop your bottles Chicago niggas do it it's the coddle
Choppin notes for my homies
Fuck a model Ferragamo shoes givin dudes the mono
Think fast drive slow survival is the throttle
Your live show is hollow
Should've kept it loco rappin over vocals
Sounded soft as Joe Joe with 12 monkeys on stage
It's hard to see who's a gorilla
You was better as a drug dealer
Feel the passion of this b-boy rational
Half of its what you say but half is now
Guess it's time for you to start cashing out
It's over flow tell your guys to put the glasses down
Not just now verses to the youth like a Catholic priest
Performances keep me stackin the sheets


And they say south city
Come on Chicago
Get live y'all

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曲名:START THE SHOW 歌手:Common