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  2. Ashanti
  3. GOOD GOOD歌詞
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When my man leaves the house
I know he's comin right back
I got that good good

I got that good good
No matter how much he might try to act
He knows jus where it's at
I got that good good
I got that good good
I put it on him right I do it every night
I leave him sittin mouth open like whoooa
So I don't worry bout nobody takin mine
Cause I know jus the right thang to do
I got that good good

I ain't never had a problem keepin one
Never been worried bout him ever cheatin on me for sure
Cause when I say I got that pop lock and drop it
Believe if I'm with you
its gon kill u on the days u don't see me
See the thangs I possess a lot of women don't
And the thangs Ima do for mine most wont ***
I hear em talkin bout it when I'm up in the salon
Cryin cause they're man ain't come home I try to tell em

Ladies don't believe half
what ya hear cause it's all a waste of time
If you know you got that good good
Good everything will be jus fine
So let your man be the man when he's in public even
tho behind the scenes yall we run it
Let him run with his boys, let him play his lil games,
let him drive his Cadillac
Don't worry he'll be back


B sec
If u got that good good and u know it
Ladies show em where it's at where its at (repeat)

See I don't know what them other girls be doin

They be cryin bout they're men
cause they always loose em
They need that good good
Gotta have that good good
To keep em good good
They need that good good

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曲名:GOOD GOOD 歌手:Ashanti