LET IT RAIN 歌詞 Jojo ふりがな付

  1. 歌詞検索UtaTen
  2. Jojo
  3. LET IT RAIN歌詞
よみ:れっと いっと れいん


友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Let it rain
Let it rain
From the first day I met ya
I noticed your style
Had that b boy swagger
Not one of the crowd
And you talk like you knew me
Kept coming around
And I fell for ya yeah
Then as time kept going
I noticed some things
Said our love kept growing
Wanted to run away
Cause of situations in my past
Love never really lasts
Memories just had a hold of me

But I had to let go of the pain
Let love rain down on me

Let it rain
Cause you held me opened up my eyes
Showed me things I could never see
Let it rain
Cause we can fight and we make up
Wanna see you when I wake up
I'm stayin with you only
Let it rain
Cause I need you to show me
How a love should really be
Let it rain

Used to wonder where were goin
And where I wanted to be
Sit alone all shook up
Waiting for my destiny
Hearing songs on the radio
Wishing that could happen for me ohhh
But when you came in the picture
Then I knew quickly
That we could build something so strong
Expect the best for the future
Forget about what used to be
I need you here all life long


Cause I see the sunlight
Whenever we touch
All day and all night
Is never too much
Afraid of my feelings
And falling too deep
But everybody's had this happen
One time or another
Where you need someone to set your heart free

Chorus x2

Let it rain x4

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曲名:LET IT RAIN 歌手:Jojo