1. Dance With the Alien歌詞

「Dance With the Alien」の歌詞 [Alexandros]

2011/12/14 リリース
Everyday I pray to ghost
For good and better news to come
But something is just bothering me

So I try to win
But they try to avoid
Repeating battle scenes
it's like a movie heading toward raspberry

How did I get up in a morning ?
Or did I really get up on a sticky sweaty sheets of my bed ?

My chewing gum is out of taste
My bicycle is taken
By the government
And no understanding where it's gonna go

I think the world just hates me
Stumble over stones
Always rain on me

When is the end of my sorrow ?
Wait for friends to come
From outer space

Everyday I kill myself
By taking artificial vitamins
So doctor give me your soul

Don't worry I'm so harmless
Unless you put me harness
I'll be gentle if you are kind to me
I ain't your servant sir

I guess the world just hates me
So I hate them back
I'm gonna build my own planet

I felt the end of my sorrow
Invade the world
I'm gonna conquer you