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よみ:ぎぶ ゆー ざ わーるど

Give You The World 歌詞

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I'm ma give you the world
I'm ma give you the world
I'm ma give you the world (JR)
Give you the world
Umm, give you the world, yeah baby

*Through the fire, through the rain
Through the joy and the pain
Este amor remain the same
I'ma give you the world
Through the fights, through the change
Through the nights, through the days
Este amor remains the same
I'm ma give you the world

Yeah, I'm ma give you the world ma
And everything in it
For the nights that you wanted to leave
And you didn't
You stood on your truth for square
And these women's will give
Their life to sit where you sitting
You're the best of the best ma last of a dime breed
Down more they have these ****** that ride with me
When they say they love me I know they are lying to me
In your spot is where they are trying to be
I think I found her ya'll finally, she says she wants
To make a little baby Divine for me
She understands where I'm trying to be
She was right there before AR1 sign us see
I'm on my grind you see, smoke the finest tree
She gives me my space and privacy
And I'm honestly trying to give her the world
Wrap the globe in the bow, like here you go girl!!


I'll pick you up when you fall
I'm at your side when you call
You just gotta know that I love you baby boy
And I just want to give you the world

Through the fire and rain
Through the ups and the down
You've been always right there
Holding me down

En las altas y las bajas, las buenas y las malas
Tu siempre presente, a mal tiempo buena cara


Everytime you hit the ground boy
I hold you down boy
And if you skip town boy
I'll be around boy
You can count on me
I'ma follow through
If you need to hear it here
I will be the truth
Ya see, you aint ever got nothing to worry about
If you get burn by the fire I'm ma carry you out
Just holla when you need me around
Cause I got you like you got me
And forever baby holding you down


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曲名:Give You The World 歌手:The Dey