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よみ:だめ うん もめんと

Dame Un Momento 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Dame un Momento
Para pensar
Nuestro amor

*Dame un Momento
Para pensar
You a Freak ma I know your type
Nuestro amor
In just one moment I can change your life

I see you starin' waitin'
For me to get close to you
And make a move
Show me what a girl like me
Supposed to do

She's what I desire
I can't deny ya
Been tryin to find her
She's hot on fire
Give me a minute
I know you is wit it
Every time I get in it I kill it
Trust that we must crush
Like linen
This is what you want
I feel it
If you tryin to see how I'm livin'
Meet me at the door in five minutes

**Dame tu Dame tu Dame tu Dame tu Cuerpo
Dame tu Dame tu Dame tu Dame tu Tiempo
Dame tu Dame tu Dame tu Dame tu Amor


No more hesitation
I've been too patient
I've gotta give into you
For what you crave
Gotta make it hot
It's time to misbehave

Tu no tienes verguenza
Vienes te pegas y me besas
Eres una fiera por naturaleza
Nunca esperas simpre cominezas
Tienes la herramientas
Yo tengo todo el sabor que tu siempre has querido
Sudor a sudor
Tu Cuerpo y el mio
You know what to do now
Oye lo que digo
I'm a give it to you now
Vente conmigo
Me fui



Don't you come at me shy
If you wanna get wit me
(If you wanna get wit me)
Run your game at the end of the night
Then we'll see
Oh maybe you'll get everything
Slow your roll
If you rush then I'll go do my thing
(Yea do my thing baby)
I'mma give you a shot
Wanna see what you bring
Show me what you'll bring
(Show me what you'll bring)



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曲名:Dame Un Momento 歌手:The Dey