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よみ:のー るっきんぐ ばっく

No Looking Back 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
They gonna see
Things about to change like the weather
The Dey's coming
Its about to get better
Baby keeps healthy
Stars getting big
And little by little we fixing up the crib
Pops coming home
He's finished with his bid
And everybody's like when you gonna have a kid
I keep moving forward
I'm never gonna stop
And everybody knows that the DEY is gonna pop

So when I get up in the morning
I know that it's coming
Everything that I dreamed of
Somebody that's willing
Somebody to chill with
The ones that put their life on love
Wanna tell you before you go
That I'll be waiting for you at home
You got a whole world to see
So please don't forget about me

*Remember all the things I told you
Nobody else can hold you
Nothing in this world I won't do
Till the end of the earth for you
Your life
So please just live it

Got a lot of left to give
So, keep moving on
And don't look back for me

**Yo I'm trying to make it to the top
Ain't never gonna stop
Cuz I got something with me
And I can't explain what I mean
Just know what I feel man
And it's for real
This music is all really have
Wake up in the morning
Without you I'm sad oh oh
My life has been a one way road
There's no looking back

I know that you're searching
Everybody is hoping
That you finally make your way
Boy I really miss you
Wish that I could kiss you
Think about you everyday
Sometimes it's live and sweet
But if you think of me
And how we used to be
Life will be ok



Ya yo no miro para atras
Yo camino para avanzar
Para longer lo que ahora va a pasar
Mi destino es llegar
Y la cima conquistar

Voy a dar lo que tenga que dar
Para llegar Y despegar
Mi carrera Alla Afuera
Vela como esta candela Se pega
Esto es todo lo que tengo
Y con eso no se juega

You gonna make it to the top
You aint never gonna stop
Cuz you got some fam with you and I
Cant explain what I mean
But I know that I see it
And its so real
Don't lose it
It's all you really have
Wake up in the morning
Without you I'm sad
Go and get it how you want
There's no looking back


We fall
But we try and get up again
We fail
But we're still gonna try again
We get hurt
And we break down
But we rise again
Don't look back
Cuz I'm gonna be alright

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曲名:No Looking Back 歌手:The Dey