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よみ:げっと ざ ふぃーりんぐ

Get The Feeling 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
I was focus on how much I love you
I love this one right here
This one is beautiful
This one is so special, I love it

*I get this feeling that you're
Ready and willing yes you're
Sexy appealing yes you're
Girl let me come and get ya

**I get the feeling that I'm
Gonna end up loving you
If you don't wanna hurt me
Then boy watch what you do

I,I,I got my paper right
I'm the heavy baller type
She been searching all her life
For that gangsta that she like
Stay strap no tats
Spanish but I'm so black
She don't even know that
I ain't never sold crack
Yeeeah, she keep on calling
She really think I'm balling
I'm really broke as fuck
And I ain't giving nuthin up


Ella esta lista pa' luces, camara y accion
En la calle no parara la accion
Esta Buena la condena de a vicio
Yo la sigo por un precipicio
It's your night, got my bud
Que es la que hay
What's up?
Primero bailamos y nos vamos del club
Y resbalamos mojados en el tub los dos
Vine a darte mi voz
Acariciarte y sobarte el pelo
Mami no digas que no
Tu cuerpo es mi religion, mi perdicion!!!




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曲名:Get The Feeling 歌手:The Dey