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よみ:しー せっど

She Said 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
This goes out to all the mothers of the world
We love you
Te quiero
You know we had to do one for our mama mama
Tenia que hacerlo para mi mama mama
You know I'm gonna do it for my mama mama
Sabes que voy hacerlo pa' mi mama

Twelve hours on her feet
And she worked like a slave
She didn't make a lot of money
But the bills got paid
Everyday she dealt with pain
And I've never seen her cry
And no matter how much it hurt
It was her only way to survive
And I'll never forget
(Never mama never forget)
What you've done for me
(What you've done for me)
And I'll do my best
(And I'll do my best)
To make you proud of me
(To make you proud of me)

*She said...
Girl I just want you to have a better life than me
She said...
Get a good job so you can raise a family
She said...
I'm not the kind of people you look up to
I don't think you understand I wanna be just like you

I remember laying in the bed ma
I remember everything you said
Putting la colado on my head
Cantando..titi norma in la sala bailando
Ma... you knew it
That's why you alway played music
My mama used to say my little man is gonna do it
She said don't be a liar spit that fire
My momz a rider
She a cancer survivor

I could never figure out how we made it through
And did it by herself and had no one to come home to
Still she lived her life and prayed at night
To make it through another day
And even when I saw the pain in her eyes
She tells me everything's okay
And I'll never forget
What you've done for me
And I'll do my best
(I'ma do my best)
To make you proud of me
(To make you proud of me)


(Ooohhh ....)
Everything you taught to me
(Oooohhh ....)
I live by faithfully
You would be so proud to see
(The woman I've become)
(Ooohhh ooohhhh)
And I'm gonna give back to you
Cuz that's what I wanna do
And mama I love you
(Maybe more than you know)
(Ooohhh oooo ohhhh)

Mami me dijo, busca el buen camino Mi hijo
Dijo en tus manos es donde esta tu destino
Dijo si estas cansado piensa en lo que sufrimost
Para estar donde estamos, piense en lo que vivimos
Ten fime en la tierra los pies
No dejes que la fama o success te posses
Tu eres un hijo de Jah bless
Entrega siempre tu best
En Todo lo que haces
Confie en lo que tu crees y ya ves que podes


I wanna be just like you...

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