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よみ:あい にーど ゆー

I Need You 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
I need you everyday
I need you
I need u right now
I need u, te Quiero, hey
I need u now
I need u now

*I need u
Can't spell The DEY without ya
I need u
There's just no way around it
I need u
Ma I need u right
U know I need u right

I need u more than ever
Ma need u like forever
I listen like whatever
Cause they don't want to us together
Don't want to see us shine
They don't wanna u wit Divine
No u tired of that line
What's ur Zodiac sign

She a 10 she a dime
And most of all she is mine
Been in love with her vibe
Since the very 1st time
Since the 1st time I seen her
How I knew I would need her
She my ma
She my nena
And I'm never gonna leave her

Wasn't on mind wasn't looking
There he was
Met him at a show I had in Brooklyn
At some niteclub
He was like I'm blank nice show
I said thanks
Have to admit he had me thinking
I knew right then that he was different
We stayed in touch
After two months know what this is
I'm in love
Every night every day
Every time I'm away
All I can think of is you baby


I know love isn't always perfect
But is it now
But when your ready its so worth it
Sing it out loud
With so much at stake
Everything on my plate
U help me keep it all together
I got this song on my ring tone
Turn it up
Ur love the track that I sign on
Baby that's what's up
When it all goes wrong
Ur the one I call on
And baby that's why I got to tell u right now


Mami your hips is incredible
Lips is soo edible
Eyes hipnotize
Your thighs are so plentiful
I just can't let you go
I need you from head to toe
They don't compare to you
You do what they don't care to do
You stay up late night
You ain't the fake type
Mami you bake right
Make sure that my cake's tight
I need you with me
Cause you down for the ride
I need you right here
I need you by my side


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曲名:I Need You 歌手:The Dey