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Corre 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
When the Truth is found
To be lies...

*Siente el impacto de los cascos y ellos corren
Asesinatos y asaltos es la que corre
Si estas armado no estas salvo papo ve y corre
Tienen canones y aviones pa' que te borren

Ya vienen, quien viene?
Nadie sabe pero dicen que tienen
Enfermedades que en el aire se rieguen
Armas nucleares y a matarnos vienen
Alerta! Alerta! El NSA dice que estan cerca
Que el Al-Qaeda esta suelta
Con plan de atacar y tumbar la puerta
No cuidan, intimidan
Danan la mente a la muerte nos tiran
Evidencia inventan
Pa' convencer a todo el pueblo que la muerte esta cerca
Panico Panico siembran
Tragico Tragico tengan
Quieren que sea un BLAH lo que detengan
El unico tragedy que ha pasado por aqui
Ha sido Katrina y Wilma
Where the fuck were you for me?
Y en NYC
Porque las torres se cayeron asi?
You better answer me
Cause I was made to understand
This was the land of the free


**This is do
Do or die
You must choose
Choose your side

The father that made you (lied)
Mother that raised you (lied)
No they can't save you
When they come to take you
This here ain't living
A war on our black children
Jail here is big business
That's why they pack prisons
The rap game is the brand new crack game
Just another track man
To put our asses back in
Light skin dark skin
People still starving
All across the world
Listen to the girl


Panico Panico siembran
Tragico Tragico tengan
Quieren que sea un BLAH lo que detengan

They don't need no permission
To stick you in a war
They don't really give a shit
Bout what your life is for.



Black, Brown, Yellow
Before they come and take
Take your life

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曲名:Corre 歌手:The Dey