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よみ:おん まい うぇい

On My Way 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
*I need to see you
I need to hold you
I need to show you
How much I want you
Baby say you want me

Tu vas a ser mia
Por ti yo daria
Mi vida, mis noches, mis dias, mis fantasias
Mi energia, mi passion, mi emocion
Mi son, mi Corazon, mi razon
Hasta te guardo una porcion de mi blunt
La razon porque no te habia hablado
Estaba asustado que no te gustara y me mandaras al carajo
Ahora me fajo es claro quiero estar a tu lado
Yo nunca habia estado a este grado de enamorado
Te veo a todas horas y en todos los lados
Con los ojos cerrados
Solo en nosotros he pensado
Yo se que muchos han tratado
Y muy pocos han logrado
Lo que yo siempre anhelado
Chuparte como un helado
Mostrarte como hago
Cuando hago lo que hago
Soy vago pa' unas cosas
No pa' darte pa' bajo
Montarte un relajo.
Me encanta hacerte reir
Hacerte sentir feliz
Y esto es pa ti

**If you want me say
I'm on my way
Love is strong
I am going no way
I am here to stay
We gonna last
Till we pass away


I met her on a Jet Blue flight back to NY
She said she has family
To visit out in Bedstuy
And she ain't flying in January next time
We are talking for a while
She is digging my style
I think we got a future boo
I changed my whole life
I ain't doing what I used to do
I got a nine to five now
Plus I do music too
And seeing you this summer
In Miami sounds beautiful
She said if I was black
Then how I know Spanish
She couldn't understand it
It's a beautiful language
That's spoken every every day
All over this planet
That's something she admires
She said she loves Fuckable
And Ganster de la Kalle
Since then I've been riding
It's just another summer in the 305


I'm packing my bags baby
You now I coming through
Because I'm missing your love baby
I'm gonna fly to you
It's been too long, can't wait
To see you, today
Quiero verte si quieres verme
Say yeah


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