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よみ:おん あわー うぇい

On Our Way 歌詞

友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Me and you
We're different
Don't always see eye to eye
You go left
And I go right
And sometimes we even fight
That don't mean that I won't need a friend
You and me, we're in this 'til the end

(Chorus) I think we're on our way
Through all the lows and highs
Need you by my side singin'
I think we're on our way
To better days, better days
Let's say we turn the page
Move on from all the times
Should've laughed not cried, feelin'
What is there more to say
I think that we're on our way

Together we'll weather
Many storms as family
That bond is forever
Bigger than most anything
The love I feel for you grows everyday
The more we get to learn from our mistakes

(Repeat Chorus)

Someday soon I'll need advice
Hope you're there to shed some light
And maybe one day
You'll be wanting mine
And we can
Be there for each other

(Repeat Chorus)

No more to say (3x)

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曲名:On Our Way 歌手:Christina Aguilera