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Miss You 歌詞

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Don't change your mind
I ain't got the time
To sit and wonder
I'm doin' fine
If you decide to leave
I won't go under
You know I've come this far without you
It won't be too hard to be alone
I've got choices all around me
So I won't be spending too much time at home

* Girl, I'm gonna miss you
I'm gonna miss you, baby
I can't forgive you
(Still) I'm gonna miss you (baby)

Now don't say a word
I already heard
You don't worry
In your state of mind
I don't need to hear
Your side of the story
Your friends all said we had a future
But I don't think I really wanna know
My friends keep tellin' me to lose you
And how glad they'll be when you decide to go

(* Repeat)
Miss you, baby

Well I broke my back to make you happy
Sometime, somehow, someone's got to care
If you think you're better off without me
Just remember it's a dirty world out there

(* Repeat)

Yeah, I'm gonna miss the ground you walk on
Gonna miss the air you breathe
I'm getting up if I have to, baby
But you're free to plans to leave

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曲名:Miss You 歌手:Eric Clapton