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よみ:Close to your heart

Close to your heart 歌詞


2002.12.4 リリース
Aika Ohno
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友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Feeling the coldness of the night
Feeling this pain inside my heart it wraps around me oh so tight
And all the words you said to me
The silly things that hurt me babe, who knows if time will heal the pain?

And in my heart I, I feel so alive, your lips and your lies I feel them babe
When you feel you are losing me then,
that tenderness I don't need it back

Please tell me, can I get close to your heart?

All of you I lock you inside me, until it overflows inside my heart
Said too many things and the things I couldn't say to you
Through these tears you finally know
Regretting I couldn't tell you how
I didn't have the strength it takes to show
But I couldn't face it, I ran away,
protected myself, by letting these feelings go

Where is the love I need to grow?
To have the strength to make tomorrow's seeds of love we need to sow?
I wanna be there for ya babe
But every time I feel I can it slips away from me again

It's such a lost love, hallowed to the core,
I'm hoping for more but I don't know
The morning light piled with feelings for you, feels like it could disappear

Please tell me, can I get close to your heart?

All of you I lock you inside me, until it overflows inside my heart
All the desperation, the tears I cried on a lonely night,
the times I tried to fight it hard
The thoughts for you this love can't be swayed
'Cause I don't want no one else but you
'Cause I know just loving you it's giving me a reason to live,
a reason to fall for you

And now that another night has gone
All the sadness of the dark, uneasiness that marks the day
That tiny space we feel upon the light of dawn
Another moment passes by
And the feeling in my heart, I wanna share it with you
Start to see the sweetest dreams of love are coming true
Wanna hold you (Close to your heart) Lonely night
Wanna spend the night (Close to your heart) Forever

On a lonely night when you feel so down you might never win
I feel your pain, it tears me up inside
Wanna help you baby, I wanna heal you baby and I,
I wanna give you all this love, alive!

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曲名:Close to your heart 歌手:大野愛果