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happy days 歌詞


2002.1.17 リリース
Aika Ohno
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Sailing off to the stormy seas again
I try to pretend, I'm fine without you
'Cause I, I realize now just how close we were
Now I brave the storms alone, I remember times before

Now I see you were always in my heart
Seems so strange, being far apart
Times like this when I feel so confused
What should I do? I'm needing you

On the right my hand holding yours
On the left I can not ignore
A future holding cloudy dreams I can not see want you to be
Here always with me, by my side, when I feel unsure and want to hide
So the thoughts of you will stay alive in me
I won't forget our memories

We share our happy days We laugh and cry a lot
You know what I'm talking about So let's sing our song now
We share our happy days We laugh and cry a lot
You know what I'm talking about 'Cause you're my best friend

I fought a lot with you so many times
But you always came back, to mend the ties just think of
All the times that we understood so well
Unspoken thoughts we never tell, like a land of magic spells

I want to go back to special times we share
But time splits us apart, it isn't fair
Only now do I finally realize
How much you are a special friend of mine

When those stormy dreams turned bad
Always before me tears you shed
And they seemed to help me lessen all the pain, what will I do?
Without you down these roads, now that on separate paths we go
Still I know we'll meet again, so till believe
I won't forget our memories

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曲名:happy days 歌手:大野愛果