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よみ:Stay by my side

Stay by my side 歌詞


2002.1.17 リリース
Aika Ohno
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Want to know when it was, my heart began to feel this love inside
Suddenly I found you, ever since can't get you off my mind

Since I realized these feelings, I spend hours staring at the skies
In this new world I'm reborn, I hope it never disappears
So the stormy waves that circle 'round us never drown our love
Dream On Sky High in these dreams our love will fly

Stay by my side this feeling of our's has only begun now
Holding you my heart feels lifted to the clouds
Stay by my side I can, because you see right to my soul babe
I'm no longer alone now, I have your love to live for
Take me to your dream, I will walk with you

Can you stay, don't ever leave, stay until dawn shines our love clear
It may feel a little too fast, hold my hand, there is nothing to fear

And the sparks of love from your eyes brings your heart closer to mine
Warmth of my hand in yours I hope it will never disappear
So the love we share together won't be washed away by time
Dream On Sky High our hopes will come true if we try

Stay by my side does the light of my love shine in you baby?
Even all of those times I cried into your arms?
Stay by my side you can, because I know you'll be there for me
"No need to cry," you tell me, "I'll do it all for you so
take me to your dream," I'll share it with you

Stay by my side this feeling of our's has only begun now
Holding your hand we walk into eternity

Stay by my side and let the dreamy skies of summer take us
Stay Stay

Stay by my side until that day we join our hearts as one boy
This world we share can last forever if we try Stay

Stay by my side don't be afraid, this love is real
Stay Stay

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曲名:Stay by my side 歌手:大野愛果