1. Roll It Over歌詞

「Roll It Over」の歌詞 BIGMAMA

2009/11/4 リリース
no matter if you are robbed away instead of money at the bank
no matter if your turn gets upset by eating marriage ring
no matter if your fiance sleeps at the very precious moment
no matter if there's a time machine or whether there is not

and yet, it moves
on with me here
without me here

no matter if dearest one never came at promised time
no matter if you are forced to make brain racking choice
no matter if you go out of body though it must be a sour note
no matter if lonesomely raise your hands to sky

somewhere again a boy chases a girl
and so the earth will keep on turning round
we're all a clown on a ball after all
if you are the one who roll on someone's palm
you'd better roll it on your tongue