1. until the blouse is buttoned up歌詞

「until the blouse is buttoned up」の歌詞 BIGMAMA

2012/1/25 リリース
dear my princess, please open your mind
it's wrong and why?
I don't mean for you to take off your dress
now, all the words I say,
go running through your ears
but so and right,
listen to me arefullyjust for today

until the blouse is buttoned up

how may the kindness be medicine to you
nobody can heal the scar
you hold other than yourself
I know that this only is a useless thing to do
but though yet I'll sing this song
to make you feel any better

until the blouse is buttoned up

stupid guys
foxy girls
dirty grown ups
the world's full of shit
but so instead
there's few good
as you are to me
will I be to you

I'm singing this song
all night long