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Lost 歌詞


2021.9.1 リリース
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Cut my hair just because I thought that
maybe things would change
Laughing at me and the things you see
Tell me who's to blame?
Falls to the ground, floating
Just like gold dust it's sparkling
Taking me back to the start
My spirits are darkening
It makes me feel so weak

Looking for a reason why
I can't comprehend
I feel the lightness in my head
Now my thoughts are clouded by strange things I see

For every breath I take every day
Every drop of blood, every stain
Like the moon I will wax and wane
Circle's complete
For all the promises that I keep
All the nights when I can't sleep
Every time that I held your hand
Iician far gesund gemynd

Shake of the hand, another demand
but what does it mean?
Cry through the pain, it's always the same
Will it ever heal?
Though broken bones and the wounds I bear,
they may heal one day
Somewhere inside there's an empty place
and a price to pay

Hiding from the flicker of the light before dawn
I turn away and close my eyes
Gonna hold back tears 'til the sadness is gone

Until the fever will dissipate
'til I know how I feel today
Gonna rise up to meet my fate
Circle’s complete
For all the times you've been by my side
All the good times that pass us by
If I can't find you in the dark
Iician far gesund gemynd

Sometimes words they fade away
The meaning gets lost in the dark
Just learn to let go, the past is gone
You never know what the future holds

Sand in my toes, I walk all alone
on this lonely shore
Deep in the darkness, a vision so fine
It's beautiful

A sudden stop, then I realize
Turn around, now I wanna cry
I have found where the secrets lie
I see it now
I wave a hand to the brand new day
And the pain has all gone away
These new feelings that love betrays
I sing a song so sweet, someone in need
A song for someone who has come to the end of the line

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