Always with me(いつも何度でも) 歌詞 木村弓 ふりがな付

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よみ:Always with me(いつもなんどでも)

Always with me(いつも何度でも) 歌詞


2001.1.1 リリース
Wakako Kaku , Julie Rogers
Youmi Kimura
  • 試聴
  • お気に入り登録
友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Somewhere, a voice calls, in the depths of my heart
May I always be dreaming, the dreams that move my heart

So many tears of sadness, uncountable through and through
I know on the other side, of them, I'll find you

Every time we fall down to the ground,
we look up to the blue sky above
We wake to its blueness, as for, the first time
Though the road is long and lonely and the end far away,
out of sight
I can with these two arms, embrace the light

As I bid farewell,my heart stops,in tenderness I feel
My silent empty body begins to listen to what is real

The wonder of living the wonder of dying
The wind, town and flowers, we all dance one unity

Somewhere, a voice calls,in the depths of heart
Keep dreaming your dreams, don't ever let them part

Why speak of all your sadness or of life's painful woes
Instead let the same lips sing a gentle song for you

The whispering voice, we never want to forget,
in each passing memory
Always there to guide you
When a mirror has been broken,
shattered pieces scattered on the ground
Glimpses of new life, reflected all around

Window of beginnings, stillness,new light of te dawn
Let my silent empty body be filled and reborn

No need to search outsaide, nor sail across the sea
Cause here shining inside me, it's right here inside me
I've found a brightness, it's always with me

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曲名:Always with me(いつも何度でも) 歌手:木村弓