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よみ:Just a Little Step

Just a Little Step 歌詞


2022.11.18 リリース
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友情 感動 恋愛 元気 結果
Most of it I can, most of it I can
If I take a step out in the world
Sow seeds that are inside of it all
I care, so let that flow around
I live and recall what each hour I got
Today shifts, ending, so charming, you do know how
So, that way, all of that joy rolls on to return it to you

I was so on the move again, and this morning
When every old scenes appear and pass by me
Have to take care of what you're needing me to bring over to you
Receiving what you said to notify
Attention, never minded, today the fortune was
"If you go outside, comfort zone should sway"

And so, I just go about my own
Keep it somewhere there in my mind
Into another new day

Most of it I can, most of it I can
If we take a step out in the world
Most of it I can, I do know it, I can
In time, we could share some of that love
I live and recall each hour I'm on
It's lovely, feeling of that day turning around
So glad, I'm feeling that joy, it rolls on to return it to you

I got used to the heavy darkness on the screen
And I feel as they forgot all about me
When I think about it, so unhappy
Wonder if I am "necessary"
I thought about you and reminded in flashback
An urge I need to feel, I could not fight back
I take it upon me to leave and go meet you

It's all that I need

Maintaining wonder so long for this morning
All moments, all the sentiments, and all learnings
Before long, on the go, I have quickly just hit the road
Suddenly, then, felt a bit of that kindness
Then, you got to see it turn into the kindness that I got
All out, rolls on to be out, back to you

Most of it I can, most of it I can
Since I could step out in the world
Most of it I can, oh, to know it, I can
Act out of truth, and to be in my heart
And now I see that all scenes will resolve
As to best suit when it nearly has now arrived
Finding all around as it flows

Go on now, from you to my heart, receiving it all
I know you've got it coming through
Soul focus on us, from me to you now
Joy is the feeling spreading around
I carry this out and see the colors
Through every step out, I see kindness from me now
Arriving into lives to play rolls
Forever going around as it tolls

Revolving on and on
On to live another day of this life
But while you're living in the moment
When you find a little piece of joy that you're owed
I will be hoping that you will know it

訳詞やくし:Konnie Aoki,BFNK

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曲名:Just a Little Step 歌手:YOASOBI